Prayer Requests

Here at Trinity, we are always glad to pray for you. Whatever the need, large or small, we
see it as a privilege and a blessing to offer it up to God. In the Episcopal Church, we are
also a tradition where prayers are offered for those who have died and their families.
Because we are aware that different needs may require different levels of discretion and
privacy, we maintain three distinct lists for the prayer requests that come our way.
Depending on the need, the following are available:

1) Private prayer lists of our clergy.  Both our clergy make it a practice to intercede for the
needs of God’s Church, people in need, and God’s world on a regular basis. If you have a
specific request that requires the greatest level of confidentiality, we can put you on Father
Bill and/or Mother Vivians’ private prayer lists. Their contact information appears below.

2) Private prayer team. We have a small, private prayer team made up of mature Christians,
who have promised to keep requests confidential. If appropriate, we may also ask you if
you wish to submit your request to the Daughters of the King, who maintain their own list
and may also be contacted directly.

3) Trinity’s public prayer list. This is list is fully public, printed in the bulletin on Sunday. It
does not include anything beyond the names (or first names) of those who have asked for
prayer. Occasionally, at Fr. Bill’s discretion, requests for natural disasters and traumatic
events may also be included. The Prayers of the People routinely include prayers for the
needs of the church, the world, those in need, etc. as well. This list resets quarterly, though
people may request to be left on it, as there is need.

The best way to submit a name for any of these lists is to contact one of the clergy directly
and let them know who you would like us to pray for, which list or lists they should be on,
the reason(s) they are in need of prayer (not shared on the public prayer list), and what their
connection is to you. For the more public lists, it is also necessary to secure the consent of
those being added.

Contact Father Bill by Phone or by Email

Contact Mother Vivian by Email