Pastoral Care

Jesus said: “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will
give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

A wise pastor once said that the pastoral ministry of the Church involves reminding God’s
People of who we are in Christ, over and over again. At Trinity, we believe in an approach
that is non-judgmental, open to all kinds of questions, and focused on liberty of conscience
and growth in our relationships with God and other people.

Pastoral care ministries at Trinity involve the entire congregation. One important dimension
of this is Eucharistic Visitors, lay people who are sent out in pairs after receiving
appropriate training and background checks and a license from the Bishop, to share the
sacraments with those who are in the hospital or homebound.

Times of death, grief, illness, worry, loneliness, separation, military deployment, loss of
employment, changes in significant relationships, or trauma are all appropriate occasions
to call our clergy, Fr. Bill Carroll and Mother Vivian Shelby. (Their contact information
appears below.) Please also contact them if you are considering marriage in the church,
have a child to be baptized, or desire baptism, confirmation, or renewal of vows. They are
eager to get to know you in good times and bad times alike.

Our clergy are available to make hospital calls and home visits to visit at the church office.
They are especially eager to provide assurance of the presence and pardon of Jesus for the
many challenges of life. In the Episcopal Church, we do offer the ministry of the
reconciliation of a penitent (also known as private confession). This is on an “as needed”
basis and is not required. It is especially appropriate in Lent, but available at any time by

Contact Father Bill by Phone or by Email

Contact Mother Vivian by Email