Worship Ministries

Many faithful people work diligently to enhance the beauty and flow of our worship services. Worship related ministries include:

  • Music Ministry

    Music Ministry

    "Praise God with trumpets, lute and harp, with timbrel and dance, with stringed instruments and organs, loud crashing cymbals...let everything that has breath praise the Lord!" Psalm 150:5-6

    Throughout scripture and the history of the church, music has been intertwined with worship and faith. It has been the natural way to give thanks when one is filled with the spirit. Music is a gift from God and becomes a gift returned to God in our songs of praise.

    Music is an important part of our worship experience here at Trinity. Through the singing of hymns, psalms, anthems and the music of our liturgy, we strive to bring honor to God and blessing to those who worship here each week. Trinity is blessed with wonderful acoustics, ideal for vocal and instrumental music. This, along with our great choir and musicians, help create an inspiring worship experience.

    Our magnificent 43 rank pipe organ, built by the Ross King Company of Fort Worth, Texas, was given as a gift to Trinity Church and as a memorial to the late Alexander Boggs Ryan Sr. and Alexander Boggs Ryan Jr. by the Ryan family. It is truly an awesome instrument and a significant part of our music and worship ministry.

    We extend a special invitation to you to come and be a part of our music ministry here at Trinity. Whether your desire is to sing in our choir, to play an orchestral instrument or be a member of our hand bell or children's choir, we welcome you! Previous musical training and experience is always helpful, but not a necessity. Should you have any questions or desire more information about our music ministry, please feel free to contact Bill Bane, Director of Music Ministries at (903) 753-3366, ext 229.

    Under the direction of Bill Bane, Director of Music Ministries, the following musical opportunities are available:

    Chancel Choir

    The Chancel Choir is made up of adults ages 15 and above. The choir sings for the 10:30 a.m. worship service. Additionally, the choir presents special seasonal music. Rehearsals are every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the choir room.

    Hand Bell Ensemble

    The Trinity Hand Bell Ensemble consists of adults and children of all ages with varying musical backgrounds. Previous hand bell experience is encouraged but not required. The group participates in worship services and special community services.

    Instrumental Solos or Accompaniment

    Trinity is blessed to have a number of remarkably gifted musicians who regularly play as featured soloists or as accompanists to the choir and organ. All musicians are welcome to share their musical gifts!


  • Altar Guild

    Members of the Altar Guild work behind the scenes to ensure that each worship service is beautifully and appropriately coordinated. Before each service, the Altar Guild prepares our nave for worship by properly placing the Eucharistic vessels out for communion; by hanging the proper frontals to reflect changing colors of the church seasons; and by anticipating and providing for the unique needs of special services, such as baptisms, funerals, and weddings. Additionally, they confirm that our worship space is clean and orderly before each service. The Altar Guild is responsible for maintaining the vessels and accoutrements of worship. Members of the Altar Guild are divided into teams, which serve on rotating weeks. Lisa Baker serves as the Altar Guild coordinator.

  • Acolytes

    Trinity's Acolyte Guild is composed of 5th-12th graders who serve on a rotating basis at the 10:30 AM worship service. Acolytes are an integral part of our entrance and exit processionals. Vested in white robes, they carry the processional cross, the torches, and the priest's cross. During the service, a Gospel procession, made up of four acolytes and the Gospel reader, emphasizes the importance of the teachings of Christ. Acolytes also bring forth the offerings to the Altar. The ministry of our acolytes underscores the importance of our young people and reflects the high value that Episcopalians place on participatory worship. Dr. Julie Fowler serves at the Acolyte coordinator.

  • Vergers

    A verger is a lay minister within the church who assists the clergy in the conduct of public worship. The office of Verger dates back to the Middle Ages when the Verger was the "Protector of the Procession". He led the Procession into the Church, clearing the way for the procession and protecting it from vagabonds and animals that tried to attack it. Today, in many churches, as at Trinity, a verger ceremonially leads the procession. He/she wears vestments and carries a "virge" (staff of office) to point the way for the procession.

  • Ushers

    Before a worship service even begins, Trinity's Ushers offer a vital ministry to our members and guests. Often the first face one sees upon entering the nave, our ushers greet each person and present them with a worship bulletin. They assist those who need help to find appropriate seating. During the service, ushers distribute the offering plates and ensure the smooth collection of offerings. Ushers also guide the flow of "traffic" during communion, guiding worshipers to the appropriate position, and informing the clergy if someone is unable to come forward and needs communion brought to them at their pew. Our Ushers also ensure that any special need a worshiper might have is promptly addressed.

  • Greeters

    Before each Sunday service, greeters stand outside the entrance doors to the church to welcome members and guests to Trinity. They provide directions to the nursery and children's areas, as needed, and generally extend a hand of welcome to all.

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