• Christmas Eve

    Trinity celebrates the Lord's birth with two Christmas Eve Eucharist services. One is a family service in which some of our young children re-enact the Nativity Story. The second is a more formal "midnight" service. Both are noted for their extraordinary music and are lovely opportunities to welcome and worship the Christ child.

  • Ash Wednesday

    Lent consists of the forty days before Easter; however, we skip over the Sundays when we count the days of Lent, because Sunday is always the joyful celebration of the Resurrection. Therefore, the first day of Lent in the western Church is always a Wednesday. During Lent, ancient Christians mourned their sins and repented of them, and showed their sincerity by putting ashes on their foreheads. The custom has persisted in the church as secular society has changed around us. At Trinity, we hold two Ash Wednesday services, one mid-day and one in the evening.
  • Holy Week

    The week before Easter is known as Holy Week, which we honor with a series of special services. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the day that we remember Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on his way to the cross. At Trinity, we celebrate that occasion with our own procession of palms, as we journey en masse around the block before entering the church for worship.
  • Maundy Thursday

    is recognized with a special service that includes the stripping of the altar, remembering the darkness of the night in which Jesus was betrayed and sentenced to death. We remember Good Friday with a service of Stations of the Cross, in which we remember the passion of Christ.
  • Easter Sunday

    is the first day of the fifty day, Easter season is a day of great celebration and joy! Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is Risen Indeed!

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