The Clergy of Trinity are honored to officiate at the burial services of Trinity members and or their family members. The service may be at the Church, the funeral home, the cemetery, or perhaps an out of town location.

The family of the deceased is requested to notify the clergy at the earliest possible convenience so that funeral arrangements can begin to be made.

Burial services will follow the forms of Rite I or Rite II in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). Scripture readings will be chosen from the options provided in the BCP.

Together with the deceased family, the clergy will carefully prepare a service that will honor the life of the deceased as well as celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. On occasion, people choose to plan their own funeral service in advance. The clergy are happy to assist anyone who wishes to pre-plan their burial service.

Funeral Planning

To assist you in planning the funeral service for your deceased loved one, we have attached, in pdf format, a list of approved scripture readings from which you may choose the ones most appropriate for the service.

The list is divided into Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament, and Gospel choices. Typically one is chosen from each category; if preferred, fewer readings from two or three of the categories may be chosen. If the service will have Eucharist, a gospel reading must be chosen.

View burial service readings here.

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