Worship Schedule

  • Weekly Worship



    8:00 AM – Holy Communion, Rite I
    9:00 AM – Coffee Hour Fellowship
    9:15 AM – Christian Education (All Ages)
    10:30 AM – Holy Communion, Rite II


    12:15 PM – Holy Communion, Rite II
  • Compline

    Click here to listen to our men's compline choir images/compline.jpg

    On the second Sunday evening of each month, we celebrate the service of Compline, the last of the daily "Prayer Offices" that comprised(s) in large part the daily life and routine of monasteries for centuries up to the present.

    As is characteristic of Monastic prayer offices, Compline consists of psalms, scriptures, hymns and prayers and is celebrated when the work of the day is completed, and the quietness of evening settles over the hearts and minds of those who have come together in thankfulness for the blessings of the day that has passed and in anticipation of God's gift of a new day.

    The service of Compline at Trinity is a very unique worship setting in that the service is contemplative, meaning there is little active participation on the part of those present. In a world that demands so much of us in terms of commitment and action, especially in our corporate worship, the emphasis here is on silence and meditation before God, and listening to God through the power of quietness.

    Compline is almost entirely sung and is led by an all male choir in the darkened, silent and acoustic sanctuary of Trinity Church. The service lasts approximately 30 minutes and begins at 8:30 pm. The church remains open for silent prayer immediately following the service.

    Afterward, please stay and join us for coffee and refreshments in the parish hall.

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